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About our Products

Mackerel on a moped, did we think a lot while we made them!

We love curious kids!


That is why we spent a loooooooooooot of time talking to looooooooooooooots of kindergarteners to find out, what they really want in an educational product. We then spiced all of that up with an awesome design and added several boatloads of fun. 

The outcome are storybooks with interlinked games that tie in directly to the storyline.

Plus a few cool songs. Yup, we also have those.

Each book also features crafting instructions, pages to color in and draw on, analogue games and fun STEM experiments.

We feel there is no harm in rocking the boat when it comes to education. So even though we all come from a music background, we love science and find a combination of both pretty groovy.

That said, you better buckle up because you are sure to not only learn how to make sounds but also how sound travels, what waves have to do with it and why it's really really hard to put on an opera in space.

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