Ahoy and welcome aboard!

Who, how, where and why the blithering blobfish, indeed!

Portcrash offers you cool stuff for fun learning. (We call it 'gamified education' because that sounds mega fancy, plus we couldn’t fit all the rest under the logo.)

So all aboard for a crazy cruise round our home port. Come and find out why learning with our intergalactic, female pirate Cap'n Portcrash is going to be a funky pirate-limbo-hula-boogie party with lashings of fruit cocktails! 

Round characters and storytelling for easy and breezy fun learning. Elementary STEM stuff and all the 21st century skills you need to become a future intergalactic pirate.

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Hop on board, klick the button below and get to know Cap'n Portcrash and her crazy crew of intergalactic pirates.



Play our songs and rock the boat.

Well, they are in German but as an intergalactic pirate, you need to get used to hearing loads and loads of weird alien languages anyway.
(And we are currently working on English versions, so stay tuna fish tuned!)



Our shop is currently being redesigned and made all shipshape but you can take a look at our loot right here.

The Galaxy of Musical Notes

Learn to read music - the fun way!
Includes memory game, browsergame to train your ear, stickers and crafting instructions.

Coloring Book

Learn to think outside the treasure chest with this fun coloring book.

Tote Bag

Skip the heavy treasure chest.


Shipshape shirts with your favourite characters in all sizes. (Also available for grown-up pirates.)




Our latest book features Decibelle, our tiny elf with the unbelievably loud voice.

Meet Decibelle and find out what makes her go BLAAAAAAAAAAAH! Fun stories, experiements and games let you roam the galaxy and learn all about sound. If you ever wondered how the tin can phone system on Portcrash's ship works, why it's so quiet in space and how you best surf a soundwave - we've got you covered!

Features: Crafting instructions - Stickers -  Browsergame - Easy STEM Experiments



Du hast die Notengalaxie gekauft?

Bitte gerate nicht in Panik wie ein kleiner Stressstichling! 

Momentan wird auf unserer Homepage ordentlich umgebaut und gewerkelt. Deswegen kannst du aktuell das Spiel und die Zusatzdateien nicht über deine virtuelle Schatzkarte abrufen. Wir geben aber turboplüschmäßig Gas, damit alles schnell wieder im Lot ist auf dem Boot.

Sollte es nicht schnell genug gehen kannst du uns anrufen und uns anbrüllen wie Dezibelle. 

Küsschen, du Schmusescholle!



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